Saltmarsh Map - PCs

Saltmarsh is a small fishing town in the southern reaches of Talosia.  For several hundred years, up until about sixty years or so ago, it was an important trading port, but eventually went into somewhat of a decline. Combined with the fact that it is the furthest region of Talosia, and the Kingsmen have not visited the region in four decades,  it has mostly fallen off the map for greater Talosia.

Location Key

  1. The Dented Cup: The inn is a two-story stone-walled building, with a small walled yard and garden.  It overlooks the market square.  Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woolen mattresses (7sp a night), and 2 large hostel-style rooms (2sp a night). An attached three-story tower suite is reserved for noble patrons – it hasn’t been used in over five years, and Barry will nowadays rent it out if he can find someone willing to pay at least 5gp a night.  Innkeeper Barry Goodwe (human male).  He is known for great steaks and decent beers, and a nice stash of very fine wine.
  2. The Grinning Carp: The inn is a single story timber framed building, with a small hedged yard and a dirt floor covered in straw.  It is on the eastern end of the Styes.  Accommodations consist of two “suites” (1-roomed, 1-bedded rooms with a wash basin, 6sp a night), and a dozen hammocks in the common room (1sp a night).  Innkeeper Falswin Maeiv (human male).
  3. Temple of Kallid: A small unassuming white-washed granite building.  There is typically one acolyte on site who may perform very minor spells and blessings.  The head priest, Haim Tarkin performs the services on Sunday. Known Acolytes: Jushe (young human male) (Priestly Mantle: Red with gold chevron-style stripes, often images depicting a heron in flight).
  4. The Deep Spiral:  Primary temple to Enris, beautiful (though small) building built to look like a spiral shell.  Only fits about 20 people inside comfortably.  Head priest of Enris, Vuillo Qaeil (elf male) is usually around. (Priestly Mantle: Yellow with white and blue scrollwork, with images of powerful fish such as marlins and sharks).
  5. Wildflower General Supplies: Owners Naranie and Baldon.  This general store can get pretty much any normal items and weapons.
  6. Coopers: Danico, the Cooper, daughter Shirol (who found the body of Balen), wife Maria.  The Coopers are also the town coopers, conveniently enough.
  7. Old Barracks, Constable Office: Nathan Valks has inherited the position of High Watch, since the sahuagin raid six weeks back which killed most of the Watchmen.  Since then, he has brought on three new recruits, and plans to get six more regular Watchmen on active duty.
  8. Sewage Flush: The exit route of (mostly) clean/fresh water which is pumped under the city to help flush sewage east into the holding bay.
  9. Sewer Worker Main Entrance: Small building with a guarded ladder into the sewer on NE side of town.  There is a system of levers and pulleys here attached to massive chains, which control the sluice gates.