Religion – Basic Outline

The stories of the world say there was once a deity named Aeren, The Paladin, who was a goodly deity.  A great war in the heavens happened long ago, and Aeren was slain while fighting Kyarus, the Wycheking.

  • Kallid, The Paladin’s Son (LG) – Took Aeren’s place when he died defeating the Wycheking. (Symbol(s): Downward spear, Blue Heron in Flight)
  • Asetha, The Judge (LN) – The most beautiful of the goddesses. Blind law and justice. Many Wizards worship A’set because she is said to adjudicate over the laws of nature and magic also. (Symbol: Scales)
  • Venu, The Conquerer (LE) – The spurned lover of Aeren. (Symbol: Cracked Moon)
  • Shallis, The Saint (NG) – The Paladin’s mother (and grandmother to Kallid and Kemai). Her statues weep blood every year on October 30, the accepted day of Aeren’s death. (Symbol: Weeping Eye)
  • Enris, The Sea (N) – The oldest of the Gods and champion of nature. (Symbol(s): Cresting Wave, Leaping Marlin)
  • Kemai, The Huntress (NE) – The shadowy, evil twin sister of Kallid. (Symbol: Bow and Arrow)
  • Syrak, The Peoples’ Champion (CG) – A new deity, raised only in the last few hundred years as a lover to Asetha.  Think Robin Hood with a priesthood. (Symbol: Winged Boot)
  • Zyzyx, The Jester (CN) – None know what the Jester’s relation is with the rest of the pantheon but he gained a lot of fearful respect since defeating Primordial Chaos, the holder of this position before the Jester. This God has been aspected as both men and women and some say this is a new incarnation of Primordial Chaos and not a new God(dess) at all. (Symbol: Mobius Strip)
  • CE – Since the defeat of Kyarus, the Wycheking, no one knows who sits on the seat of CE. However, those who would worship Kyarus have been having dreams of a floating, formless mass of angry orange and purple that demands their obedience.

Other Gods

Though rarely thought of, and much more rarely spoken of, rumor and mythology tell of an ancient being from beyond the cosmos which haunts the dreams of madmen. Few know its name, and fewer still have seen its form, but descriptions of the entity (usually in the form of panicked screaming) mention a vast, infinitely-toothed maw, thousands of spine-covered tentacles, and a sickly greenish-yellow color.