Quest Log 006 – Try Not to Murder the Entire Town

As Sarrac and Loramech await the return of their friends, they notice a strange gathering happening outside Missy Werthins’ house.

Sarrac snoops around Missy’s house and sees multiple people outside. He alerts Loramech and the two step outside. The large group seems somewhat hostile to the party, demanding to know what they are doing in Asdon, and why they are trying to disrupt their life. When neither Sarrac or Loramech produces a satisfactory response, three men move up and demand they come with them. Sarrac throws a Fog spell down and the two flee back through the house and into the woods.

Orin and Pius follow Grey back to his cave on the beach, where he shows them the rotting body of an aberration – a corpulent fish with tentacles – and tells them he believes Domeil is responsible for the creatures. He exposits for awhile to the two, telling them:

  • He was sent to Asdon after Sentinels heard from a few survivors about a ship attacked by pirates, and several of their crew mates were sacrificed in a ritual;
  • He is quite certain Liza Crimthon is, if not completely in charge of some dark goings-on in Asdon, at least complicit;
  • He also thinks that Liza’s house sits above an underground complex where rituals are taking place, and there may possibly be caves from this facility which go out to sea; and
  • Domeil is a warlock of some sort, and is creating the aberrant creatures as guardians of the facility from the sea-side.

Grey tells the two they should get back to their friends, and lets them know several ways he can be reached – either at his cave, at a particular outcropping he uses to look over the sea, or a small pond about a mile N-N-W of Asdon.

Orin and Pius head back for town and run into Loramech and Sarrac in the woods, fleeing the mob. The two groups recount the details and decide it is time to meet with (or investigate) Liza Crimthon. Sarrac uses his owl familiar Donk to keep tabs on the multiple groups of townies now out patrolling the area. They are able to sneak toward Liza’s house, dodging a few patrols, but at the house immediately before Liza’s, Pius discovers Missy being held and questioned. While Loramech and Orin head for the town center to cause a distraction, Pius and Sarrac sneak into said house and find Missy tied up. They are then accosted by two guards, while at the same time, Loramech and Orin find themselves being attacked by four more.

Sarrac and Pius finish up their business and while Sarrac leads Missy to safety, Pius heads outside to help with the battle. As they engage, they see even more townies coming from the direction of Liza’s house, where they also see a woman watching them from a window. Eventually, the four are able to down the townies, and Orin incapacitated one with his bola, which they all lead back to the house in which they found Missy, to question him. Along the way, they notice that the man has a carved tattoo on his shoulder, of part of the same ritual symbol they found in the sewers of Saltmarsh.