Quest Log 005 – Creepy Town is Creepy

The party takes Dakki back to Longbury and are greeted as heroes. Paella and Tharos take this opportunity to dismiss themselves, so that they can continue their own quest back in Saltmarsh. Before they set sail back for Asdon, they are given a letter by an old one-handed lady, to give to her friend Sarrac upon reaching Asdon. The lady also warns the party not to accept any gold or jewels from the people of Asdon, and to not make themselves too well known, as the townsfolk do not like outsiders. The party sets sail, and as evening approaches, they see the island on the horizon.

The party decides to heed the old lady’s warnings and to approach the island from the west so as not to land right in Asdon during the night. As the sky darkens, they see an orange and purple light show above Asdon – it is reminiscent of an aurora, but is low to the ground. It fades quickly, but then they hear wolves howling. As they get closer, they can see that several large wolves are attacking something on the island. They land and chase the wolves off, finding the large beasts were surrounding a large, metallic-looking box. The box disappears, to reveal a young elf. The elf is Sarrac, explains that as soon as he landed, the wolves attacked him, so he used magic to protect himself in a box. He is heading in to Asdon as well and despite the fact that he’s an elf, the party allows him to come with them. They all camp the night.

They enter town the next day and notice there are not many people out. The first non-dwelling they find is a large storage building – they enter and meet Raul and another man, who recommend the party meet Missy Werthins to find lodgings, since the town does not have an inn. The party finds the old lady’s house and after bargaining their handyman skills for room and board, begin helping the lady and getting to know her.

Throughout the day, the party does chores and talks with Missy, and also visits town (each separately), seeing and/or finding out various odd things about town:

  • Wild game is very populous for an island and town of this size.
  • So is fish.
  • There are no shops in town.
  • Missy Werthins is somewhat shunned by the townsfolk, and her only friends in town disappeared almost eight years ago.
  • Jenkins McRory, a local hunter, supposedly found a “crystalline monolith” out in the wilderness years ago, but has never found it again, so the townsfolk think he’s crazy.
  • Domeil, the local “astronomer” collects the tentacles of squid-sharks, presumably to eat. Speaking of, …

At some point, all the party is gone at the same time doing their various things, and upon re-arrival, find Missy gone to “get some fresh tea.” She doesn’t show up for a long time, putting the party on alert.

Sarrac and Loramech decide to investigate that wacky Domeil guy, to see what the deal with squid-sharks is. However, no one answers the door when they politely knock.

Pius and Orin investigate into the woods, looking for clues to Missy, assuming she went this way to gather herbs and fresh tea. They eventually come across Grey Farzith, a Sentinel, and after a brief introduction, Grey takes the two to his camp to fill them in on what he knows about the island.