Quest Log 004 – Gnomes and Spiders

The party sails toward Longbury, the first island in the Avergel Archipelago, which is as far as Martel is willing to take them. As they approach the island after an all-day trip, a large thunderstorm can be seen to the south. They plan to land on the island, find a place to stay for the night, and then secure passage to Asdon the next day.

Upon landing at Longbury, as the storm begins to hit the island, they are almost immediately approached by a small lady named Millie Middlebreeze. She was waiting at the dock for the first boat from Saltmarsh so that she could send word of some aid she needs. Her husband Dakki, who farms “Bluecloud Silk” from the large spiders on the island southeast of Longbury, never came home the previous day.

The party feels sorry for Millie and agrees to help her, but they will have to wait out the storm. They agree to meet Millie first thing in the morning, and retire to Gervin’s Tavern for the night.

The next morning, after meeting Millie at her house, she takes them to meet Kevorn Gwylest, a half-elf who rents them a small sailboat to get down to Spidersilk Island. It takes until about noon for the party to sail to the island, where they then circle and find where Dakki made berth in his larger boat. They tied their boat up and immediately notice that the island is almost entirely covered in dense woods which let through very little light.

As the group moves inward, doing their best to make their way in the forest, they see above them, most of the canopy’s underside is covered in spiderwebs. Eventually, they find some old water run-offs and follow them up to the peak of the island, where they find a clearing and an underground spring, and can hear the unmistakable language of goblins somewhere ahead.

After scouting, they eventually find that on a clear northern beach by a cave-covered cliffside, several goblins have captured Dakki – they are leading him around by leash. The party stealthily works their way down to the beach and launch an attack on the goblins. One of the goblins releases several caged giant spiders which attack everything in site, but despite this, the party quickly ends the threat. Dakki explains that the goblins had been watching him for awhile and were forcing him to help them capture spiders so that they could take them back to their village to raise and harvest.

The party takes the goblin’s larger boat and everyone sails back around to Dakki’s boat. By this time it is night, so they make camp and Dakki sets up various traps and deterrents for the island’s arthropodic denizens.