Quest Log 003 – Investigations Abound

Upon arriving on the surface, the party decided it would be a good idea to get the journal translated.  Wary to potentially put the entire journal into the wrong hands, they found three phrases which appeared multiple times, and decided to just have those translated first, until they were sure of who to trust.  They went to Kallid’s temple, hoping to find Haim and ask his assistance, but Haim was unavailable.

Next, the party visited the Deep Spiral, and met with the head priest of Enris there, the elf Vuillo Qaeil.  Vuillo was concerned about the journal, but was happy to translate the three phrases for the party, which translated to:

  1. “Shattering the Shell”
  2. “Avergel Islands”
  3. “Viactrux”

After this, the party decided to bust up the town council meeting and alert Donovan and council what they had found so far.  They went to the Dented Cup and met all the council members, and explained their findings of the secret ritual room in the sewers, as well as the battle they fought.  They then spoke with Haim privately and gave him the journal to translate, and also alerted Donovan that they would like a boat to visit the Avergel Islands within the next few days.

The next day, they visited Haim and found that he had translated half the journal.  It is written by someone named Khovas, and speaks of researching the surge in the local malenti births in the sahuagin population, and his research focused on a spot in the Avergel Islands.  This information gave light to the PCs that the elf woman they had fought in the sewers was actually a malenti.

For the rest of the day, while awaiting Haim’s completed translation, as well as a boat to take the party to the Avergels, the party met with the city sewer crew and explored the rest of the sewers, to make sure there were no more secret ritual rooms.  They also visited the sewer headman, Palon, and picked up a sewer system map for future use.

The next morning, they met with Haim first thing and received the rest of the journal’s translation.  Starting six months ago, Khovas began researching a ritual called “The Shattering of the Shell,” and spoke constantly of ‘The Deepest One (“it slumbers in the deepest realm,” “to rise from the deepest, the shell must be broken”).’  There is also specific mention of a spot in the ocean about two miles southwest of the Avergel Island that the town Asdon is on.  The party now had a place to visit to find out more about the strange cult and rituals.

They soon met with Donovan, who took them to Martel the fisherman, who had agreed to take the party to the island Lanbury, where they could there get another boat to Asdon.   The party boarded the boat and set sail.