Quest Log 002 – Into the Dark

The party wisely decided to wait until low tide to explore the sewers. Around 3 in the afternoon, they ventured into the dark.

At first, as the party explored the dark smelly bowels of Saltmarsh, they found little of interest. The primary passage they had entered was the sewage flush. However, with a bit of exploring, they found signs that some of the sluice gates into the actual waste management system had been accessed recently.

They found the sluice gate which had been accessed most recently, and Orin was able to lift the gate enough for the party to go through. They were immediately struck by the stench of the sewage, but continued onward. After searching for awhile, they found tracks leading between the various sewer troughs, and eventually found a secret door.

Through searching, they were able to (loudly) open the door, which opened into an old room. There was odd symbol carved as 6-inch deep trenches in the floor, which were filled with a brownish sludge. There was also a ladder up and trap door which they could not find a way to open. They searched through a sleeping pile in one corner, and Tharos stood watch at the door.

Suddenly he slumped to the ground and when the party rushed to investigate, they found attackers quickly converging on them from the sewers. Orin attempted to block the door while the rest prepared, but could not fight off all three attackers at once.

Two of the attackers (a sahuagin male and human male) forced their way into the room, while the third, a female magic user of some sort, cast spells from the outside. A battle ensued, with casualties on both sides. Eventually, the magic user was the only enemy standing, and she was able to flee while the downed party members recuperated.

Once the party was somewhat healed and awakened, they explored the room some more and found several secrets – the first of which was a cubby with a book inside that looked very journal-like; the second was a torch which when moved, opened the trap door above.

The party all climbed up and found themselves in the storage room of a small, nice house. They couldn’t find any information about whose house it was, but recognized the location as being part of the north east quadrant of the city. Orin closed the trap door and then threw everything he could find down the chute to block the trap door from opening from the other side, then the party exited the house to find out whose home led to the sinister cult room.