Quest Log 001 – In the Beginning…

Orin, Pius, and Loramech meet at the Dented Cup, having come to town hearing that the High Council is looking for aid ever since most of their militia was killed during a sahuagin attack six weeks ago. Orin knows the Dented Cup’s proprietor, Barry. Eventually, the Lord High Council, Donovan Markhein enters and gathers up everyone he can find who came to town on the invitation.

Back in the meeting room, Donovan introduces his associate, Sabel, and the two mention to the ten or so gathered adventurers that there are three things going on that need help. The first is that some cult activity is suspected down at the docks. A murdered man was found with occult symbols carved onto his body. The second is that the old town’s alchemist, Merwhin Haftale’s house, abandoned for the last ten years outside of town has had some suspicious activity going on. Someone sent to investigate didn’t come back, and the town is concerned that maybe goblins have set up base there. Finally, several weeks ago one of the town’s supply ships, the Mersez d’Apor, never made it to dock, and combined with recent mentions of the Dread Pirate Benton’s activity out at sea, the town is concerned the pirates are moving to be close by.

Two of the adventurers, the Siblings Galos, decide to work on the cultist activity, however Loramech confronts them and decides he wants to follow up the cult activity. After a few awkward and poorly-thought-out comments from Loramech, the Siblings leave insulted, but saying they will still investigate the cultist activity. The party asks Donovan about information, and Donovan says he will have Haim Tarkin, the headpriest of Kallid, meet them around six.

The party disperses, Loramech following the Siblings Galos back to their rooms back in the Styes, where he accidentally insults them some more. Meanwhile, Pius does some charity work, offering aid to the temple of Enris and offering beans, rice, and other dried goods (after meeting Naranie and Baldon at the general store) to some of the poorer folks in the Styes, and witnesses a town guardsman, Nathan Valks, taking away a drunk man (Benedo) who is shouting about ghosts and spooks out at the old alchemist’s house. Orin hangs around with Barry and helps with the lunch rush. Eventually everyone meets back at the Dented Cup in time to meet with Haim.

Haim doesn’t have much to offer. A body was found on the last pier, its body drained of blood and carved with occult symbols. The body was found by the cooper’s daughter and her boyfriend, while they were out “watching the moon.”

The party decides to find Benedo to ask him about his ravings, and also meet with the coopers and speak with the daughter, first thing in the morning. That night, Sabel performs at the Dented Cup.

The next morning, they first head for the pier and look around. They find where the body was found – the end of the pier is covered in splashes of human blood. They don’t find much more, but as they’re leaving, they run into the Siblings Galos, who begrudgingly decide to work with the group. Everyone first heads for the constable’s office and don’t find Nathan or Benedo, and then head for the temple of Kallid (where they heard Benedo was likely taken for healing), but hear he was released after waking up this morning. They then head for the coopers house. They find Danico, the patron, and he allows them to speak with Shirol, his daughter. Shirol tells them pretty much the same thing Haim told them the night before, but Pius notices she seems extremely nervous.

After they leave, Shirol runs and catches up with them and lets them know she and her beau also found a jade ring close to the body with a symbol on it. She was worried they would get in trouble for keeping the ring. The symbol is recognized as the Mark of the Sentinels, which are a group known for working undercover to prevent some dark evil from rising.

The party decides to investigate the sewage flush, where people around town have claimed to have heard odd sounds (chanting and the like). Around ten in the morning, all of them arrive and look inside, seeing that it gets dark not too far in.