Asdon is the name of both the center island in the Avergel Archipelago, and the small town which occupies the island.

Shrouded in gloom and mystery, Asdon is at the center of many rumors told within Saltmarsh, Longbury, and surrounding areas. The townsfolk tend to shun outsiders, and there are no few stories about visitors to the town disappearing. For almost six decades now, the island has been avoided by most who have heard the stories.

The island itself is mostly rocky, with a bit of forest, but overall, is very barren. For the size of the island and town, there is an over-abundance of wildlife – roaming free on the island are large ground pheasants, small wild pigs, small deer, some wolves, and hares.


  • Missy Werthins – an older lady who lives alone on the north side of Asdon ever since her two sons (Fergun and Darryl) traveled to the mainland to seek adventure.
  • Raul – a middle-aged human man who works in the town’s one storage warehouse.
  • Jenkins McRory – a hunter who most of the townsfolk believe to be a bit “touched” in the head. Years ago, he claims to have found a crystal monolith on the island, but he was unable to ever find it again and no one else has seen it.
  • Domeil – loner who lives near the beach and apparently collects the tentacles from “squid-sharks,” presumably for food. Also, kids in town believe he is an astronomer or scientist because he spends his evenings using a telescope to gaze out onto the ocean.
  • Liza Crimthon – middle-aged human female whiskey-maker. People in town love her liquor. Grey thinks she is involved with the cult activity.
  • Grey Forzith – human male Sentinel, dresses in bear-skins, is in Asdon investigating strange cult occurrences.