Quest Log 005 – Creepy Town is Creepy

The party takes Dakki back to Longbury and are greeted as heroes. Paella and Tharos take this opportunity to dismiss themselves, so that they can continue their own quest back in Saltmarsh. Before they set sail back for Asdon, they are given a letter by an old one-handed lady, to give to her friend Sarrac upon reaching Asdon. The lady also warns the party not to accept any gold or jewels from the people of Asdon, and to not make themselves too well known, as the townsfolk do not like outsiders. The party sets sail, and as evening approaches, they see the island on the horizon.

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The Siblings Galos

Paella and Tharos Galos are siblings from the distant city-state of Waernhaad – they arrived in Saltmarsh around the same time as the party, looking for work. They ended up helping Orin, Loramech, and Pious in their first mission and have developed a bit of a friendship with them.

Quest Log 004 – Gnomes and Spiders

The party sails toward Longbury, the first island in the Avergel Archipelago, which is as far as Martel is willing to take them. As they approach the island after an all-day trip, a large thunderstorm can be seen to the south. They plan to land on the island, find a place to stay for the night, and then secure passage to Asdon the next day.

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Saltmarsh is a small fishing town in the southern reaches of Talosia.  For several hundred years, up until about sixty years or so ago, it was an important trading port, but eventually went into somewhat of a decline. Combined with the fact that it is the furthest region of Talosia, and the Kingsmen have not visited the region in four decades,  it has mostly fallen off the map for greater Talosia.

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Haim Tarkin

Haim Tarkin is the head priest of Kallid in Saltmarsh.  He is a kindly, older human man, and views the Brethren favorably, and thus took an immediate liking to Loramech.  He is also regularly attends the town council meetings, though he is not an official Councilman.

Quest Log 003 – Investigations Abound

Upon arriving on the surface, the party decided it would be a good idea to get the journal translated.  Wary to potentially put the entire journal into the wrong hands, they found three phrases which appeared multiple times, and decided to just have those translated first, until they were sure of who to trust.  They went to Kallid’s temple, hoping to find Haim and ask his assistance, but Haim was unavailable.

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